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We distill Mexico

We are danzantes – messengers of the spirit of Mexico. We believe in the power of our people and our dancing to reconnect with our roots. We share our culture and the traditions that make us proud and respectful advocates for our work and our service.

We are honored to be part of Grupo Los Danzantes. Our philosophy is about staying true to our values, respecting the earth and its fruits, as well as the producers who work with us, and all those involved in the processes necessary to bring the highest quality ingredients to your table. To make this possible, we ensure that the lion’s share of our consumables come from Mexican fields.

We head a number of companies that share our aim to rethink and extol Mexico’s culinary and cultural wealth through bringing together a wide variety of Mexican products and concepts. These alliances include our Mexican restaurants, artisanal mezcal production, the communities we work with, and our consideration for the environment. Our vision is to inspire a deeper affinity with Mexico and to give that appreciation back to Mexicans.

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